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Tuesday 13th Mar 2018

A – Z series of Business Growth: I = Innovation


Welcome to the A – Z video series of business growth and welcome to I = Innovation.

Innovation…what does it mean to you?  Big game changing moves?  A market disruptor? A market challenger?

Yes, all those things.

But it can also mean the DAILY innovations you and your people make in your business. Creating those marginal gains which will catapult you forward as you gain momentum and traction, ensuring you maintain your relevance, agility and resilience in the market place.

The Key Takeaways from this Video:

  • {1.51} Innovation: Challenging the small things we do every day everyday can make the BIG difference.


  • {3.00} Watch out for the ‘Innovation Killers’ – the words and phrases which will stifle your business.


  • {3.45} How to hunt out the daily innovations.


Resources Mentioned in this Video

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