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Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018

A – Z series of business growth: L = Leadership


Welcome to the A – Z video series of business growth and welcome to L = Leadership.

L= Leadership

This week’s video focuses on the importance of developing your own leadership capability AND developing the bench strength of your team and your organisation.

The Key Takeaways from this Video:

  • {2.12} The highest accolade you can receive as a leader, where would you be on the scale?


  • {3.30} The one BIG idea: Lead people as they like to be led, not how you like to be led


  • {4.15} What makes people tick…oops, the image is the wrong way around in the video, so I’ve inserted the image below…the right way around!!

Classic Economics vs. Behavioural Economics image

Resources Mentioned in this Video

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