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Tuesday 10th Apr 2018

A – Z series of business growth: M = Maximisation


Welcome to the A – Z video series of business growth and welcome to M = Maximisation.

Strategically, the primary purpose of a business is to acquire, maximise and retain the right customers. Everything that contributes to this is an investment, anything which doesn’t, is a cost.

Maximising your existing customer relationships is a fundamental component of your AMR strategy; Acquisition, Maximisation, Retention.

Watch the M = Maximisation video to find out why…

The Key Takeaways from this Video:

  • {2.43} Acres of Diamonds story – are there acres of diamonds in your backyard?
  • {5.15} When you find your acres of diamonds, nurture them, add real value and make a difference

Resources Mentioned in this Video

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