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Thursday 10th Jan 2019

How to achieve greatness: 7 Growth Accelerators to Kick Start your 2019

How to achieve greatness: 7 growth accelerators to kick start 2019

Every person is equal and has the opportunity to achieve greatness. But the biggest block in achieving greatness is often YOU through your limiting beliefs and closed mindset. And the greatest opportunity to make it happen is YOU. It’s time to RISE!

How to achieve greatness…here are my 7 growth accelerators to help you kick start 2019.

#1 The itch that won’t go away (And why you can’t ignore it!)

We are all born with the potential to achieve greatness, yet many of us wake in the morning with an itch. And I’m not talking about a tingling of the skin. I’m talking about the itch that just won’t go away…

#2 Spend time on the balcony of your life

Are you spending enough time on the balcony of your life or too much time on the dance floor?  In this video I share a couple of golden insights to enable you to work on your life instead of just relentlessly dancing in it.

#3 The four different versions of you

Think for a moment about how many versions of you there are. There’s the personal you with family and friends, the professional you with colleagues and bosses, the you in a relationship, the you as a parent, as well as just you being you. Each version of you has to meet differing demands and expectations, each version of you dialled up or down as you and your life evolve.

#4 Your recipe for success

Success is not a place but a way of thinking feeling and subsequently acting as you embark on this exciting journey with the deliberate, conscious intent of turning a successful future into your reality.

#5 The power of your choices

One of the most interesting things about life is that first you make your choices but, ultimately, your choices make you. The difference between those who achieve and those who fail to realise their potential lies in the quality of the choices they make.

#6 Your past does not equal your future

Your past does not equal your future. Or to put it another way, you can be the way you are because of your past, or…you can be the way you are because of your past.

#7 It’s time to RISE!

Playing small does not serve the world. The world needs you to think BIG and play BIG. Step out of the safe harbour of your comfort zone, look in your mirror and challenge yourself with how high is high and take ownership for your life, your choices, your actions and your results. You’re only ever one pathway from living the life you were meant to lead!

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