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Monday 29th Jan 2018

The A to Z of Business Growth: C = Cash


Welcome to the A – Z video series of business growth and welcome to C = Cash.

Managing cash flow in your business is critical. Yes, revenue, profit, costs are all equally important but your cash management, in terms of your daily, weekly, monthly trading is what keeps your business afloat.

Cash is king in any business. It’s the lifeblood, the fuel, the oxygen for business growth.

Ignore it at your peril.

The Key Takeaways from this Video:

• {0.50} My personal life lesson which taught me why cash is king in business
• {2.30} Two areas of cash management that need your focus and attention today
• {3.57} From my experience, who are the worst at cash management in business?

Resources Mentioned in this Video:

• Read all about the A-Z series of business growth
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