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Wednesday 17th Jan 2018

The A to Z of Business Growth

Welcome to the A-Z series of business growth! From my 2 decades of working with tens of thousands of businesses, of all different shapes and sizes, across a multitude of industries and sectors, I’ve distilled practical insights, ideas, strategies for how you can fast track your growth journey. The A-Z series of business growth will focus on both mind-set enablers and business growth strategies against each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.


Welcome to the A-Z series of business growth!

Before I dive into what I’m covering in the A-Z series of business growth I wanted to share with you why I decided to create this series in the first place.

From my 2 decades of working with tens of thousands of businesses, of all different shapes and sizes, across a multitude of industries and sectors, I’ve distilled practical insights, ideas, strategies for how you can fast track your growth journey.

What’s taken me two decades to learn, I want you to have this insight now so you can build the business of your dreams quicker, and avoid those common pitfalls and traps which can knock you off track or elongate your timeline to realising your own personal and professional goals and ambitions.

Success is down to 80% psychology and 20% skill, so the A-Z series will focus on both mind-set enablers and business growth strategies against each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Each letter will have a dedicated video which will offer one key strategy, insight or idea.

Bookmark this page as your ‘A-Z of business growth’ and access all videos from here.

So lets get started…here is a snapshot of the A – Z series of business growth…

A = Attitude

Attitude will always determine your altitude in life and there are 3 specific mind-set enablers you can implement immediately to set yourself up for success.

Watch the A = Attitude video

B = (The)Business Growth Pathway™

The Business Growth Pathway™ is split into 5 stages of business growth – Start Up, Infancy, Adolescence, The Groove and Maturity. Each stage has its own set of challenges or business behaviours that help you determine which stage you’re in, what you should be focusing on to achieve success in that stage and more importantly set yourself up for the next stage of business growth.

Read more about The Business Growth Pathway™

Watch the B = (The) Business Growth Pathway™ video

C = Cash

A key enablers fundamental to driving your growth ambitions. Cash starves businesses from realising their ambitions. Don’t fall into the trap of poor cash management. Understand and focus on the two key measures which can make all the difference.

Watch the C = Cash video

D = Discipline

The daily disciplines and rituals you set up today will help you in your business tomorrow and the next day. How disciplined are you in the discipline of disciplined execution? (wow, that was a mouthful!)

Watch the D = Discipline video

E = Essentials

What are the key ingredients which make up your Compelling Value Proposition and how do you create differentiation in the market place? These are key themes to be explored in Essentials.

Watch the E = Essentials video

F = Focus

Where focus goes energy flows. Are you focused on the right things, or are you busy being busy or busy being productive? Distractions on our time are now an inevitable part of life. Learn how you can switch off and focus on the things that will move the dials in your business.

Watch the F = Focus video

G = Goals

Goals which are more likely to be achieved need to be measurable & trackable. Learn how to create laser beam focus on both your long-term and short-term goals.

Watch the G = Goals video

H = Health & Wellbeing

To operate in the performance zone, the place where ‘you’re on it’, you need to take care of yourself. The saying ’fit your own mask before anyone else’s’ comes to mind. I’ll share how you can maintain your health and wellness with abundant energy levels in order for you to be the best you can be.

Watch the H = Health & Wellbeing video

I = Innovation

Most people think innovation is all about big change which comes from strategic interventions. That’s just one perspective. Daily innovations, the small things, which have a multiplying effect when working together, can create an exponential uplift on your overall performance.

Watch the I = Innovation video

J = Juggling

We all juggle so many plates, so many roles, so many ‘to-do’ lists, and if there is one commodity we would like more of, it is time. Whilst I can’t give you more time literally, I can help you focus on identifying the difference between the urgent, the important, the unimportant and those ‘plates’ which are simply a distraction adding little or no value personally or professionally.

Watch the J = Juggling video

K = Key Performance Indicators

This is not about measuring everything in your business. Do not create measures for measures sake. Identify the ‘measures that matter’. Those measures which will allow you to make informed, validated decisions on how you move your business forward.

Watch the K = Key Performance Indicators video

L = Leadership

When growing your business, a key moment is when you transition and recognise that you can’t do everything yourself. You have to grow up as the business grows up. You have to transition into a leadership role where you lead the business, lead people and recognise your ability to get things done is through others. That right there is what really counts.

Watch the L = Leadership video

M = Maximisation

Clearly you need to maximise all the assets and resources you’ve got within your business to build efficiency and effectiveness, but actually, one of the most powerful relationships you can maximise is the one you have with your existing customers.

How you invest in those relationships in the front end and how you can maximise them through their lifetime value (LTV) is a key ingredient to success.

Watch the M = Maximisation video

N = NO

This simply comes down to your ability to say NO. When you say no to the unimportant things it allows you to say yes to the important things. This is a skill in life to say no both personally & professionally.

Watch the N = No video

O = Outside

Outside in thinking. Great businesses build their businesses outside in. The customer is the focal point of everything they do. Are you focused inside out or outside in?

Watch the O = Outside In video

P = Profit

Revenue is only one measure, and it fascinates me how much we talk about revenue rather than profit. So, I’m going to talk profit and why I call it the Reality Line.

Watch the P = Profit video

Q = Quick

In the world we live in today, old competitors are waking up and getting sharper, new disruptors are joining the party. How do you maintain your agility so you’re moving forward and not just standing still or even worse falling behind?

Watch the Q = Quick video

R = Relevance

How relevant are you as a business? How relevant are you as a leader? We shouldn’t just ask this question at our yearly strategy session, we should ask it every single day. I’ll share with you why.

Watch the R = Relevance video

S = Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of the business. It’s the veins and arteries that run throughout. Sales bring in the revenue but who is actually responsible for sales in your business?  Is it the sales Director, Sales people or should it be every single member of the team?

Watch the S = Sales video

T = Talent

You can’t do it alone. How do you become an employer of choice, attracting the right talent? Recruiting the right people can catapult your business forward, but on-boarding the wrong people can set you back months or even years.

Watch the T = Talent Video

U = Uncertainty

We live in an uncertain world. How do you set your businesses up today so that you’re not just surviving but thriving?

Watch the U = Uncertainty Video

V = Vision (Purpose)

A compelling vision for your business is like infusing work with purpose and meaning, giving you and your people a North Star. This creates your identity and focus on WHY you do what you do.

Watch the V = Vision Video


Why did you set your business up in the first place? Has this become anchored and aligned to your vision? Have you re-connected to your why or has it diminished over time? I’ll share some strategies to help you reconnect with your ‘why you do what you do’.

Watch the W = Why Video

X = X-traordinary

X-traordinary systems allow ordinary people to deliver X-traordinary results. I’ll share with you the XOX formula which is about the processes and systems you can put in place to create consistency in your business.

Watch the X = X-traordinary Video


It’s all about you! Learn how to set yourself up for success and show up every single day being the best you can be.

Watch the Y = You Video

Z = Zones

We operate in two zones: the Performance Zone and the Recovery Zone. Understand how to optimise your performance in the performance zone, spend and invest the right amount of time in the recovery zone in order to maximise the performance zone.

Watch the Z = Zones Video


So, this is my A-Z series of business growth in a nut-shell. Each video is full of practical, pragmatic, real word ideas for you to implement in your personal and professional life today.



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