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The Built to Grow Estate Agency 2-day Business Growth Bootcamp

Hilton Heathrow, London | Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st November 2019


Your event snapshot…

A 2-day business growth bootcamp working ‘hands on’ with 2 of the freshest business minds in the Estate Agency world; Perry Power and Royston Guest, author of the #1 Best Seller Built to Grow and RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead.

Walk away with a personalised business growth blueprint containing the leading edge strategies for delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable growth in your Estate Agency business.


Perry Power

Perry Power, Director Power Bespoke…

“Estate agency is going through a big (long overdue) change and many agency owners are worried. It excites me.

What better time to completely re-imagine estate agency, get laser focused on what you do and who you serve and go out there with complete clarity to ensure accelerated, sustained, profitable growth.

This is exactly what I did when I read Built to Grow, met Royston and become lucky enough to be coached by him. I’ve applied the Built to Grow Framework to Power Bespoke to the letter and Power Bespoke has never been healthier. We have a more motivated team, more clarity, higher fees and more importantly… more confidence. This is exactly what I want this event to do for every other estate agency owner out there.”

Royston Guest, CEO of Pti Worldwide, Author of Built to Grow & Business Growth Coach…

‘The business landscape in which we compete today is volatile, increasingly competitive and, certainly over the long term, unpredictable. It may seem on the surface to be a hostile landscape for anyone who wishes to build a business by purposeful design as there are so many shifting variables. However, there is ample evidence to justify precisely the opposite argument. More millionaires and billionaires are created during stormy economic times than during times of calm. Success has always required focus, commitment, and a journey of personal mastery. For business owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who embrace these principles, the world today is bursting with opportunities.”

If you are a Business Owner, Business Leader or Entrepreneur, the qualifying criteria to attend is… 

  • Individuals who are serious about growing their business, avoiding costly trial & error and who want to fast track their pathway to success
  • Individuals who are committed to implement their personalised business growth blueprint which you’ll walk away with to make S*** happen!
  • On a first come, first served basis. Places are limited to 25 agency businesses because of the intimate nature of the event working closely with Royston & Perry

The Investment

Most experts advise you to not talk about the cost until the end.

Well, this is most definitely not a cost. It’s an investment in your future. Fact.

 TWO days for £997 plus VAT per person

We are are straight talking, transparent, authentic and want to lay it out up front so you can make the choice of whether you even want to read on.

There’s no gimmicks, 20-minute videos or voice over slides explaining the proposition stack. There’s no up sell, cross sell or price comparison.

It is simply this.

This event has got to be right for you and its got to be right for us. If you’re not serious and not in the right mindset for an intensive 2 days you’ll just slow the rest of the group down!

So here are the facts…

Clients pay Royston £7,500 to speak at a 90 minute event. Perry is simply not in the market to host this type of event despite the torrent of daily requests he receives for help.

You will receive one-to-one time with both of them for 18 hours over the 2 days!

We’ll let you work out the value for yourself!

  • An investment of £997 plus VAT for 2 days
  • The event is limited to 25 Agencies and places are on a first come first served basis
  • Returning people get 50% off (£497)
  • All bootcamp materials are included; templates, toolkit, plus a copy of Built to Grow
  • 50% off Perry's highly rated online course 'The Power Agent'

Here’s a rundown of some of the things we’re going to cover over the 2 days;

  • WHY THE BIGGEST BLOCKER MIGHT JUST BE YOU - Why out dated thinking, limiting beliefs and your organisational design might just be sabotaging your own future success. We'll simply your business structure for sustained, profitable growth.
  • YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH FORMULA - There are so many moving parts to running a business, sometimes you can feel like the pinball bouncing around from one thing to the next. The great news, there is a formula for growing a business. 9 interlocking pieces of the jigsaw, which we have tailored specifically for Estate Agency Businesses. This will give you a framework for delivering predictable, repeatable results, knowing exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing = total peace of mind that your on the right track.
  • MARKET POSITIONING - This is a chunky session and one of the most important! With an industry going through disruptive change and so many different models you could adopt, access our 10-point decision making checklist for assessing which model is right for you and your business! What you cannot be is schizophrenic and try to be everything to everyone in which case you’ll end up being nothing to no-one. Focus! Focus! Focus!
  • VISION & PURPOSE - Why a compelling vision is like infusing work with purpose and meaning. This is the ignite switch which will galvanise your people and the defining moment when a person changes from someone with a job to someone with a purpose. This is the enabler to accelerate productivity, commitment, loyalty and retention of your people.
  • MARKET POTENTIAL - How to create laser beam focus on your target customer profile; Who? Why? Where? And…most importantly smash a limiting belief about the boundaries within which an agency can operate in. We’re also going to deal with the ‘elephant in the room'; online friend or foe? You probably wont be surprised to hear we have a clear view on this one and a series of strategies to capitalise the opportunity.
  • MEASURES THAT MATTER - Why most Estate Agencies are measuring the wrong things. You’ll walk away with the 'exact' company dashboard you need to ensure you are tracking the numbers that really matter.
  • EMPLOYED VERSUS SELF EMPLOYED - The merits of both, and why the self employed agent model must be part of your growth strategy. Plus, how to set yourself up to attract high calibre, elite Agents.
  • TEAM FOCUS, PAY & REWARD - The core of the model, what should and shouldn’t your team members be focused on to optimise individual and overall team performance? There are numerous ways you can set your pay structure. At Power Bespoke we’ve tested over a dozen different models and have finally cracked the formula for accelerated, profitable growth. You don’t need to go through the painful 9 months of trial & error, we’ve already done it for you. It will take us one hour to share our formula with you.
  • MARKETING FUNNEL & LEAD GENERATION - How to create a torrent of low cost/no cost leads. Seriously, there are so many leads coming into Power Bespoke we’ve had to turn down the lead gen taps. We'll walk you through step by step the stages, what you should and shouldn’t be doing at each stage and what the cost and conversion should be. We’ll even share the scripts and software you need to differentiate and streamline your business.
  • WHY CUSTOMERS CHOOSE YOU - How to stop your business falling into the commodity trap. When people think of selling their property are they instantly thinking of you and your Agency? What’s your edge and differentiation? How to increase your conversions from valuation to instruction, sell at asking price or above, and secure average fees 50% above the industry average. We’ve been doing this for the last 18 months! We’ll show you precisely how.
  • THE FINAL GOLDEN NUGGET - How to add an extra 20%+ to your revenue with zero extra cost. THIS STRATEGY ALONE IS WORTHY OF YOUR INVESTMENT FOR THE 2 DAYS!

Post Bootcamp:

  • Your completed Built to Grow Business Blueprint for delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth
  • Access to a lively attendee only Private FB Group
  • 90-day disciplined execution follow up: 3 x LIVE webinars plus chat forums in the Private FB Group
  • Networking and mindshare with like-minded Business Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

*Built to Grow & Power Bespoke GUARANTEE

If by lunchtime on day 1 you don’t feel you’re on the pathway to identifying and creating a business growth blueprint that will deliver 30X your investment over the 2 days then speak with either Royston or Perry, keep your programme materials and you can leave with a FULL refund.

We’re putting this out there to give you total piece of mind.

We know you’ll get the return on your investment from just ONE of the strategies we’ll be sharing with you, which for some reason 99.9% of Estate Agencies are just not doing it. Be the 0.01% who are.

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