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Watch this brief introduction to Royston and the services he can provide to you and your business as a Business Growth Consultant, Executive Coach, Conference Speaker and Facilitator.

Royston Guest is a leading authority on growing businesses, delivering personal transformation and developing peak performance.


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How to deliver accelerated, sustained 
and profitable business growth
"Now more than ever Business Leaders need a model that works, is simple and covers all bases. From earnings growth, to people and talent strategies, to deeper customer relationships, in this book finally we’ve got one"
Paul Thandi - CEO, NEC Group

Areas of Expertise

Author & Founder of Built to Grow

As well as being an accomplished strategist, consultant, and conference speaker, Royston is also author of Built to Grow and founder of Built to Grow World.

Focusing specifically on business growth strategies, leadership and culture and through exposure to a broad array of organizations and industries Royston has created a unique databank and set of breakthrough distinctions and insights into what it takes to build a truly high performing organisation, which delivers accelerated, sustained, and profitable growth.  

The Built to Grow World is the ‘go-to’ place for entrepreneuers, Business Leaders and Professionals looking to develop their understanding, learning and most importantly be able to apply the principles of achieving predictable, repeatable and profitable business results in today’s challenging environment. With a variety of resources available from a half day Masterclass to a high impact 2/3 day Boot Camp or from an Online Programme to a personalized and tailored Coaching Programme, all needs, learning styles and time constraints have been catered for in the Built to Grow World. 

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Business Growth Consultant

With over two decades of ‘hands on’ business experience, Royston provides a candid, objective and impartial view of a business when advising Board level executives and senior leadership on key strategic decisions in developing their business growth strategies, and building high performing organisations.

Driving sustainable business growth…fast, and unlocking the real potential of individuals are Royston’s two professional missions in life. His passion, to make a real tangible difference for businesses or individuals through applied learning and the creation of lasting behavioural change, is at the forefront of his work setting him apart from his peers. Having worked with hundreds of businesses worldwide, Royston has a vast reservoir of experiences and real world scenarios from which to draw on leading to a truly practical, pragmatic and grounded approach to business growth consultancy. Through this extensive and diverse business experience, he has gained the unique ability to ask the critical questions required in order to truly get to the heart of a business and create an accelerated, sustainable and profitable business growth strategy. Most importantly, he talks his clients language, understanding their business quickly, delivering tangible results and focusing on what works in the real world of business. Whether it’s a complete strategic review of your business or focusing on a specific area, Royston has a unique ability to very quickly understand where you are now, create a picture of your compelling future and work with you to piece together a jigsaw that bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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Executive Coach

As an Executive Coach, Royston is a leading authority on the development of human potential, personal development and peak performance. Royston’s primary focus is to fast track you to your personal and professional success.

Having worked with a wide range of individuals in his career, Royston has developed a passion for understanding human potential; what makes people tick and why they do what they do. As Founder of livingyourfuture, and a Success Coach to executive level, he transfers this in-depth knowledge when coaching individuals and groups to achieve personal development and sustained peak performance. As an Executive Coach… Operating as an Executive or Senior Leader can be a lonely place.

  • What is your support mechanism?
  • Who can you trust and respect?
  • Who do you turn to for guidance?
  • Who is there to listen, challenge, probe, question?
  • Who helps you make considered and informed decisions?
  • Who helps you crystalise your thinking and ideas?

Royston’s ethos is simple: A passion for growing businesses and unlocking people potential. Presenting an impartial view, with no hidden agenda other than to help you be successful, Royston will help you realise your agenda, goals and vision. What you can expect from your Executive Coaching Programme? No two coaching programmes are ever the same, but what you can expect is:

  • An investment of time – F2F or telephone coaching sessions
  • Candid and honest discussions – Leadership & Feedback evaluation
  • Real world scenarios – on site and virtual shadowing meetings
  • Access to a confidential support network – unlimited calls and emails
  • Insight and intelligence – podcasts, videos, articles
  • A change in the way you think, feel and act – post programme check up

Designed and tailored around you, your individual circumstance and requirements gives you peace of mind knowing you can overcome the challenges you are facing right now. As a Public Speaking Coach… Whether delivering key presentations, speeches and talks; yearly reviews, business vision and strategy, budgets, interim updates, team presentations or annual conferences, Executives and Senior Leaders get ONE SHOT at delivering the message with the desired impact. One to one coaching will Royston will ensure your ONE SHOT is a roaring success and you deliver your best presentation EVER with authority, impact and authenticity. It might just be one of the best investments you make! If you’re looking for an Executive Coach, contact Royston directly at royston.guest@pti-worldwide, for a confidential discussion on how he can help you.

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Conference Speaker

For over a decade Royston has been speaking at conferences in the UK and Worldwide sharing his tried, tested and proven ideas and strategies for increased business and personal success. Royston has a unique ability to engage and hold audience attention with a combination of stories, examples, humour and proven ‘real world’ ideas, which deliver results…fast!

Invited to 110 events last year alone, he inspired over 30,000 people with his ‘fun with a serious intent’ approach, sharing real life stories and practical, down-to-earth tips and techniques for increased personal and professional success. His fresh, passionate, results-driven style as a speaker challenges the status quo of both companies and individuals alike. One of Royston’s unique distinctions is the time he invests before an event in understanding the specific event goals and desired outcomes. The result is a session tailored, relevant and specifically designed to engage the audience, and most importantly inspire them to action. Speaking subjects covered by Royston include:

  • Personal brand & impact
  • Peak performance
  • Leadership
  • Building high performing organisations
  • High performing cultures
  • Business growth
  • Selling success…the psychology and the process
  • Customer experience
  • Developing the commercial mindset
  • Change…friend or foe?
  • High impact communication
  • Influencing success
  • Presentation success

Royston can also provide a variety of resources to support your event including; podcasts, videos and written collateral all designed to create a lasting impression on the audience, and drive the embedding and application of the knowledge and ideas shared. Looking for a speaker to inspire your audience into action, let’s talk.

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Throughout his career, Royston has developed the unique skills required to facilitate in a range of settings; from daylong conferences, through to confidential boardroom discussions.

Royston role as the Facilitator is to enable a group of individuals to arrive at decision points by providing non-directive leadership helping the group to consider alternatives and ultimately achieve their immediate objectives. The role is one of assistance and guidance, rather than control, ensuring the discussions are kept on track and deliver tangible outcomes. The key skill is knowing;

  • When to remain silent or when to let the conversation flow.
  • When to interject through probing, penetrating, piercing questions which have the ability to cut straight to the heart of the debate or when to let the creative thinking take lead.
  • How to deal with big personalities in order for everyone’s voice to be heard and thoughts shared.
  • How and when to summarise to shape the discussion to a series of ‘mini conclusions’, bank the gains, and maintain momentum towards the BIG outcome goal.

With over 2 decades Royston has honed, polished and developed the unique skills and creditability to deliver facilitated outcomes in a wide variety of scenarios. Whether its facilitating the inaugural meeting of new Government Ministers or the first meeting of a newly merged Board of two industry titans, or facilitating pay negotiations with the union, or dysfunctional partnership with suppliers, or accelerating teams through the storming, norming stages to high performing or interviewing a panel of experts with a vocal audience… …you will have total piece of mind that with Royston you have a credible professional to help you achieve your objectives. Let’s talk.

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Royston Guest is CEO of Pti Worldwide, a global consultancy and training company with a proven track record in delivering business growth, personal development and peak performance. Driving sustainable business, and unlocking the potential of individuals are Royston's two professional missions in life.

  • Royston's Style
  • Royston's Career

Royston’s fresh, passionate, results-driven style challenges the status quo of both companies and individuals alike. He leaves them inspired, motivated, and energised with ‘real world’ ideas, strategies and methods to achieve their goals – providing a genuine competitive edge, which is critical in today’s environment.

Invited to 110 events last year, he inspired over 30,000 people with his ‘fun with a serious intent’ approach, sharing real life stories and practical, down-to-earth tips and techniques for increased personal and professional success. Having worked with a wide range of individuals in his career, Royston has developed a passion for understanding human potential; what makes people tick and why they do what they do. As Founder of livingyourfuture, and a Success Coach to executive level, he transfers this in-depth knowledge when coaching individuals and groups to achieve personal development and peak performance.

Royston has made the most of his professional career. Spanning over 2 decades, 27 countries, and tens of thousands of businesses across a multitude of sectors, enterprises, and governments, Royston has gained breadth and depth ‘hands on’ practical, real world business experience.

Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Royston started his career in the construction industry. It was here that his talents were quickly recognised, resulting in him managing his own project by the age of 20!. He moved to Balfour Beatty where he was appointed a trouble-shooter on several multi-million pound construction projects, in both the UK and USA. On returning from the USA, Royston’s fascination with the broader challenges of businesses resulted in a career change to sales and business development. It was this role that led Royston into the field of mergers & acquisitions and ultimately in setting up Pti Worldwide.

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  • Royston's presentation left me speechless, it was the exact step by step approach we wanted and he nailed fifteen years of doing Management Conferences for various organisations I've run, he is one of the best speakers I've ever had, as the audience ALL got it! Chief Executive Officer - The NEC Group
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Royston's presentation at the European Customer Experience World - he certainly fits his billing as an accomplished conference speaker. His delivery was energetic, passionate & informative. He believes in his subject and passes that belief on to the audience. Every delegate I spoke to gave positive feedback on Royston. Conference delegate - European Customer Experience World
  • Royston was invited to be one of our speakers at the Human Resource Summit. The feedback from his session was extremely positive. The delegates, all UK HR Directors, commented that the presentation was dynamic, current and provided them with new practical ideas that they could implement within their own organisation. It was also evident that Royston's agenda was not to promote Pti Worldwide services, but share his passion and knowledge for improving individual & team performance. Head of Sales - Summit Event
  • Having seen Royston speak before I was keen to bring his energy and insight into one of our summer business schools...His session was first class and I can confidently say that every delegate went away with clear action points. Royston has the great talent of being able to get his points across to his audience in a fun and engaging way but at the same time really push the 'serious' stuff - for individuals to take real action. Director of Talent Management - RSM Tenon

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