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Ask The Business Coach Series



Welcome to the Ask The Business Coach Series

Building a resilient, agile business with the potential to thrive and not just survive is what all business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs aim for. But with repeatedly challenging headwinds, who can help you turn a difficulty into an opportunity? Who can give you impartial guidance and support and help you answer those unanswered questions? Who has walked in your shoes?

Ask the Business Coach will focus on real problems, challenges and opportunities business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs face today. Honing in on a key theme each week, Royston will provide practical answers to help you personalise and implement solutions within your business.

For more than two decades, Royston has helped tens of thousands of businesses deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

#1 The notion of growth

#2 What qualities do you think an entrepreneur should have?

#3 What are your key insights on re-designing employee engagement in the new hybrid world?

#4 Are too many businesses hiding behind Covid and using it as an excuse for poor service?

#5 Do you have any top tips for staying motivated and positive in uncertain times?

#6 When you’re running your own business or work in a demanding role – how do you switch off?

#7 If you could go back 18 months and give yourself business advice…what advice would you give?

#8 I find interviewing for new people really challenging, do you have any top tips?

#9 What would you say is the number 1 strategy to get more customers?

#10 Is outsourcing a good thing or a bad thing?

#11 We're just starting our business planning cycle...

#12 If you’ve got a team member smashing it out the park on business results, but is misaligned on behaviours what do you do?

#13 What are the essential skills you need to be a great coach?

#14 What should be included in a great value proposition?

#15 What’s your number one tip for sales and selling success?

#16 How much of my revenue should I be spending on marketing?

#17 What measures outside of the usual financial metrics should I be using to ensure my business is healthy and on the right track?

#18 What’s your top tip for leading remotely?

#19 At what point do you switch from absorbing increased costs to increasing prices for customers?

#20 How much cash reserves should I hold in order for my business to be future-proofed?

#21 I’m worried about retaining key employees outside of monetary remuneration what other ideas should we be thinking about?

#22 Are you a 100% referred business?

#23 Does work-life balance really exist or is it a false expectation?

#24 What are the three key areas to focus on in 2022?

#25 The number one strategy to help you achieve your goals in 2022

#26 What top tips do you have for being more effective with time management in 2022?

#27 Any top tips for dealing with overwhelm in realising and delivering your goals in 2022?

#28 Are annual appraisals outdated and a thing of the past?

#29 Can you achieve personal and professional success, or is it one or the other?

#30 What’s your view whether boris johnson should stay or go?

#31 What are your top tips on cash management?

#32 What’s your view on the transparency between your pricing model between new and existing customers?

#33 Do you have any top tips to improve the quality of our communication within our business?

#34 What are your top tips for controlling time management?

#35 Any ideas on how to deal with customer complaints?

#36 Royston, I hate public speaking, and I have a 1hr presentation to do to my whole business. Any top tips?

#37 Royston, professionally what keeps you awake at night?

#38 Any thoughts on how we can get our people back into the office?

#39 I never seem to have enough time. Have you got any tips on what I can do about it?

#40 Are there any specific areas that I need to be mindful of as I start to drive the growth of my business?

#41 How much of my revenue should I be spending on marketing?

#42 Knowing what you know now, what would you teach the 18-year-old version of your younger self?

#43 Leading in a VUCA world - Part One

#44 Leading in a VUCA World - Part Two

#45 Leading in a VUCA World - Part Three

#46 Leading in a VUCA World - Part Four

#47 Is it time for a clean sweep?

#48 How important is transparency in your pricing model for your business?

#49 Do you have any top tips on how you can focus better?

#50 Do you have any top tips on how to be a great leader?

#51 What are the 7 winning traits of the 21st-century entrepreneur?

#52 In a tightening market, what key elements should I focus on in our short-term business planning?

#53 What do you see as being the number one priority for a robust people strategy in 2023

#54 We are doing our business planning for next year, where should we start?

#55 Is the annual performance process or PDR outdated and ineffective?

#56 What is the number one metric for measuring an effective people strategy?

#57 With so much uncertainty in the marketplace, over what timescale should we do our budgets and forecasting?

#58 I never seem to have enough time - any ideas?

#59 Has this ever happened in your business?

#60 Attention business leaders and owners - have you made this mindset shift?

#61 In your experience, what is your number one social media platform for generating new business?

#62 What is the number one tool that you have in your toolkit for expectation management?

#63 Do you have any tips on how we can be better at delivering quality feedback on performance?

#64 What are the three most common leadership challenges?

#65 What do you see as the key challenges in growing a business today?

#66 Royston, is it just me or are customers more demanding than ever

#67 What are your thoughts on the importance of brand reputation?

#68 What are the three key challenges you see business leaders facing in the current climate?

#69 Do you have any top tips for effective time management?

#70 What do you recommend as the #1 B2B social media platform?

#71 Why do you need an over-communication strategy in your business?

#72 What are the top 3 challenges facing business owners heading into 2024

#73 Any top tips for dealing with overwhelm and an ever-increasing workload?

#74 Why you need to become the person who will attract the results you seek

#75 The #1 reason why most people never achieve their goals

#76 If I could read only one chapter from my book, Built to Grow, which would I recommend?

#77 What are the three biggest things keeping business leaders awake at night?

#78 Can you over-engineer your customer service offering or overserve customers?

#79 What do you do if a team member won't give you their WHY?

#80 Is it just our business or are sales taking longer to close?

#81 Are you shying away from having difficult conversations with your people?

#82 Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe, Fad or Future?

#83 Top Three Challenges Facing Businesses Today

#84 Why you need an over communication strategy

#85 I hate speaking in public. Any top tips for dealing with nerves?

#86 Any strategies or ideas for increasing the profitability in my business?

#87 All the roads in my business seem to lead to me. How do I stop this from happening?

#88 Why simplicity scales, complexity fails

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