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Ask The Business Coach Series



Welcome to the Ask The Business Coach Series

Building a resilient, agile business with the potential to thrive and not just survive is what all business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs aim for. But with repeatedly challenging headwinds, who can help you turn a difficulty into an opportunity? Who can give you impartial guidance and support and help you answer those unanswered questions? Who has walked in your shoes?

Ask the Business Coach will focus on real problems, challenges and opportunities business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs face today. Honing in on a key theme each week, Royston will provide practical answers to help you personalise and implement solutions within your business.

For more than two decades, Royston has helped tens of thousands of businesses deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

#1 The Notion of Growth

#2 What qualities do you think an entrepreneur should have?

#3 What are your key insights on re-designing employee engagement in the new hybrid world?

#4 Are too many businesses hiding behind Covid and using it as an excuse for poor service?

#5 Do you have any top tips for staying motivated and positive in uncertain times?

#6 When you’re running your own business or work in a demanding role – how do you switch off?

#7 If you could go back 18 months and give yourself business advice…what advice would you give?

#8 I find interviewing for new people really challenging, do you have any top tips?

#9 What would you say is the number 1 strategy to get more customers?

#10 Is outsourcing a good thing or a bad thing?

#11 We're just starting our business planning cycle...

#12 If you’ve got a team member smashing it out the park on business results, but is misaligned on behaviours what do you do?

#13 What are the essential skills you need to be a great coach?

#14 What should be included in a great value proposition?

#15 What’s your number one tip for sales and selling success?

#16 How much of my revenue should I be spending on marketing?

#17 What measures outside of the usual financial metrics should I be using to ensure my business is healthy and on the right track?

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