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Thursday 2nd Apr 2020

Royston Talks; 2020 Business Reset

During these challenging and unprecedented times, I am here to help advise and guide you in both your personal and professional life. I passionately believe in the ‘Boomerang Principle’ which is if we throw the boomerang far and wide, add phenomenal value to others, and make a tangible difference first, success will follow. Putting my boomerang into action, I have been providing daily Facebook Lives on a variety of relevant topics to you navigate these challenging times. If you want to join my private Facebook Group - Royston Talks: Business and Personal Growth - you can access articles, content and templates. Don't worry you can still tune in to the videos now...

If you are going to focus on a 2020 business reset, then you have to start with a mindset reset. Success is 80% mindset and 20% skill. This means we need to set our mindset before we think about the business reset we need to make. We have 100% control over how we choose to think. As long as you’ve got your health and a positive mind, then there is a path you can navigate to come out of this stronger.

If you are trying to think about the future while looking through the rearview mirror, then one thing is for sure, you are going to crash. The past is not there to be lived in; the past is there to be learnt from. The Present – the one thing you can control, the here and now; control the controllable. The future – you have got to look at the future with an air of anticipation. What will it bring? What opportunities may exist? What will need to change? What will I need to do differently?

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Mindset Reset- 01/04/20


In years to come, people will study 2020 as a transformational year. This year will be a massive step change and reset for individuals and businesses, but there is one thing for sure; we will not be going back to where we were before COVID-19. We will go forward to a very different place. I think we’re going to make five years’ progress in the next three months in our mastery of things we didn’t know even existed compared to when the virus outbreak was announced.

The strategy focussed leader is now thinking about their vision and purpose; ‘What does my business need to look like post-COVID-19?’, ‘How are we going to set our business up for success?’. ‘What does my 2020 business reset look like?. How can I ensure we build resilience and agility? ‘What does the future landscape look like, and what do I need to do today to prepare for it?

Find out more on how to prepare yourself through COVID-19 as a business and how to use the change curve to manage your transition through change.

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Change Curve – 31/03/20

Words create your reality. Your self-talk and the conversations you have with others, whether verbal or written communication, have a significant influence on your mindset. Be careful with your choice of words.

During these challenging times, three types of business leaders are emerging;

Business Leader One; Fear focused leader. This leader is likely to be the most emotional, most concerned and most overwhelmed out of the three leaders. This leader is allowing his inner negative thoughts and uncertainties take control and influence his mindset, behaviours and subsequent behaviours.

Business Leader Two; Unfocused leader. This leader is uncertain about what to do and most likely playing the ‘wait and see’ game. They will also be the most dismissive about the environment and the headwinds that they are navigating. This leader is not channelling their strength and positivity, but instead laying low, hoping it will all go away.

Business Leader Three; Strategy focused leader. This leader is the most focused. They are focused on what is happening and the impacts – they are realists – but they focus on the opportunities that can come from this. Their mindset is their weapon, and they are using it to its full potential to work through the current headwinds. They know some form of 2020 business reset will be needed.

Which leader are you? Are you demonstrating traits from all three? Are you defaulting to a particular one?

Stay focussed, stay positive, stay safe.

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Types of Business Leader – 30/03/20

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