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Wednesday 9th Aug 2017

How to achieve more than you ever thought possible…in less time


What if you could ‘fast track’ your success, reduce the timeline in achieving your goals, both personally and professionally and achieve more than you ever thought possible…in less time.

Would you take advantage of this?

It’s a no brainer isn’t it…hell YES!

You can hone, polish and develop your skills – skills that are essential to give you the edge in this increasingly competitive world we live in – in two ways.

The first is the hard way…

Learning through your mistakes, trial and error and constantly re-inventing the wheel. This road can be long, winding and a painful experience!

Sometimes we become so locked in our own world. We can be so inwardly focused on thinking we can do it all ourselves and we know best, that we simply miss the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences.

Is there an easier way?

Yes, and real top achievers follow this track to achieve more.

Having worked with thousands of business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, there is a pattern of thinking, feeling and acting which put them in a unique category that enables them to write the rules of the game. They have an insatiable need and thirst for discovery.

They know that if they learn from these lessons, they might just accelerate their own journey, and by doing so, avoid just some of the common pitfalls which we can easily fall into.

Of course these are by no means a definitive list, rather six essential skills which you can hone, shape and apply personally and professionally to achieve more;


#1. Think BIG

If you don’t start out by dreaming BIG, you’re never going to move beyond mediocrity.

Set your bar high.

Think BIG thoughts, and dream BIG dreams.

Live your life as if all your dreams have already come true and challenge reality to catch up.

Don’t think of your goals, think from your goals.

A common theme among successful people is that they set goals that are, to others, unattainably high, and then they have an uncanny ability to work out precisely how to turn their goals into reality.

#2. Focus on one thing!

There is a wise Russian proverb that goes: ‘If you chase two rabbits, you end up catching neither.’

Are you suffering from Rabbit-ism?

Successful people, whilst constantly generating new ideas, are able to galvanize their forces around one thing. They present that one thing as the North Star; the thing that makes them stand out above all others. In so doing, they are able to head off at the pass the constant threat of direction changes that prevents others from really achieving the highest levels of GREATNESS.

What’s your one thing?


#3. Winning mentality

The past century has seen endless books written on the subject of the winning mentality, the mind-set that enables winners to be absolutely certain they are going to achieve their goals and predict their future. Watch my blog video ‘How to programme your winning mentality’ on the very subject.

To many it seems like an elusive concept; as if it’s too whimsical to possibly be that simple, yet again and again, we hear from successful people that their mind-set is the most potent delivery system in their arsenal.

It starts with a positive attitude.

The good news.

This is entirely achievable through determination. The world is full of negativity, which presents a full-frontal challenge to anyone trying to be positive and the one unassailable key to success lies in your ability to shut those messages out.

In thinking about developing your winning mentality the starting point is about being clear on your own definition of a positive attitude. How would you define it?

My own personal definition is this: the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. And the key within this definition is that it is a conscious choice.

I would even go as far as to say that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of choices you choose to make.

Thinking positively is a conscious choice.

Acting positively is a conscious choice.

Reacting positively is a conscious choice.

In life, you make your choices and then your choices make you!

#4. Attitude of ACTION

Another trait is the ability to translate positive intentions into tangible results.

If you’ve had any sort of scepticism about positivity, if you believe that it demands a suspension of disbelief, then you’ll struggle to really embrace it. Positivity isn’t about dreaming and then hoping for an outcome; it’s about dreaming and then working out a plan and then working that plan to get to the dream.

It’s an Attitude of ACTION.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘knowledge is power’, but for me, that idea is only part of the equation; ‘Applied’ knowledge is power!

I’m fortunate in my life to have met some really knowledgeable people, but the one thing I can guarantee is their knowledge hasn’t always correlated to a high level of success.


Because it’s all about the application of the knowledge. These individuals talk a good game; they constantly talk about what they’re going to do, and on paper they should be achieving even greater levels of success. The challenge is they’re missing the critical part – ‘applied knowledge’ and taking MASSIVE ACTION!

Successful people are people of action. They make stuff happen. They constantly push themselves to find better and faster ways to merge the present with the future, and realize their goals. They understand the ‘Law of Diminishing Intent’ and make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

What is this law?

It’s simply that the longer you wait to implement a new idea or strategy, the less enthusiasm you will have for it. You and I have probably both had that feeling of rushing out of a motivational seminar, full of great ideas that will change key aspects of our lives . . . and then doing nothing with it.


Well, the demands of the day compete for our attention, and all of our good intentions and personal promises for change get pushed to one side. The longer we put them off, the lower the probability that we will ever actually fulfil them.

That’s how great ideas earn an untimely death, and you may find yourself one day in the frustrating position of discovering that your great idea has been done by someone else who is living the dream you should have led.

#5. Resilience

Resilience is an essential trait, especially in the face of failure. Even armed with your Attitude of ACTION and a reputation for making things happen, things will sometimes go wrong.

That’s life. You will make mistakes, you will come off the rails, and if you don’t, it begs the question whether you’re really pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Successful people aren’t immune from mistakes or runs of bad luck; what they have learned to do is recover quickly. They pick themselves up, bounce back, and refuse to carry any additional and unnecessary baggage from the experience.

Too many people live in what I call ‘the safe harbour of the known’, doing the same things over and over again, and following the same routine and thought processes, thinking that just because it worked in the past, they can keep replicating it into the future. Some things will. The challenge is that some things won’t.

Fail fast – learn quickly and Succeed faster

#6. Authenticity

This trait is one of the most important for me as it is the ‘glue’ that binds all the other traits together. Or you could think of it as the hub.

Authenticity is about being the real deal. It’s about being really clear on what you stand for, the values that drive your thinking, and the filters through which you define your behaviour. It’s about having an unwavering determination that no matter what happens you will never compromise your core values and beliefs; that you will remain true to who you are and what you stand for.

Having spent two decades working with and observing successful people achieve more, they all have common traits. Whilst this is no means the definitive list, it’s what I would pull out as the base foundations.

Are these 6 traits part of your DNA?

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