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Thursday 30th Apr 2020

Royston Talks; Nurturing Client Relationships

To help you navigate these challenging times I’m holding daily Facebook Lives on a variety of relevant topics. If you missed them don’t worry, you can still tune into the latest videos. Don’t forget to join my private Facebook Group - Royston Talks: 2020 Business Reset – where you can access articles, content and templates on 2020 business reset.

People buy people, not products or services, and giving an excellent client experience shouldn’t stop because we are living in unchartered waters or because the ‘normal’ is no longer normal.

Are you nurturing your client relationships? Are you keeping them informed? Are you showing that you care?

Focus on the contribution bowl and the value you can add. Do you want to be remembered for how you nurtured and helped your clients during these difficult times or for how you quoted ‘Terms and Conditions’ or how you couldn’t be flexible?.

What 10+ client nurturing strategies are you are implementing right now, that adds value to your clients?

We are stronger working together.

Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Nurturing Client Relationships – 29/04/20

Do you ever slip into a mindset where you focus all your emotional charge and energy into a negative scenario or situation? And after doing this, you then find yourself going into a downward spiral?

We all burn too many mental calories on ‘stuff’ we cannot control. Using the framing technique, you have the power to stop yourself so that you can channel your energy and emotions into a positive mindset.

What is your trigger for you to take control of your emotions and mindset before they spiral downward?

Incantation is a great strategy to help you re-programme your neck top computer – your mindset! It’s essential that you’re running positive programmes. Incantations are such a powerful force to use.

We are stronger working together.

My Leading Remotely Webinar is now available to watch on-demand.

Learn the techniques of my 5/5 framework to performance lead remotely today.

You’ll also receive my FREE LEADING REMOTELY TOOLKIT which includes 4 tools and templates, including a 25 point leading remotely checklist!

Watch now before time runs out!

On-Demand Webinar

Leading Remotely

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