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Friday 24th Jul 2020

Royston Talks; Thinking Differently

To help you navigate these challenging times I’m holding daily Facebook Lives on a variety of relevant topics. If you missed them don’t worry, you can still tune into the latest videos. Don’t forget to join my private Facebook Group - Royston Talks: 2020 Business Reset – where you can access articles, content and templates on 2020 business reset.

Will your level of thinking which has got you to where you are now, be the same level of thinking to where you want to get to next?

In your 2020 business reset, you are going to need to think differently, you need to set yourself and your business up for success!

You have got to be around for the rebound. Do you know what your rebound looks like?

We are in a climate of fundamental structural change, the level of thinking that has got you to where you are now is not necessarily going to be the level of thinking that will catapult you forward.

Are you thinking about how to be relevant, agile and resilient in your business?

Ensure that you breakthrough constraints within your thinking and think long-term, try and challenge yourself on how to kick onto the next level.

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Thinking Differently – 20/07/20

Are you prepared to do the hard work to turn your goals and desires into reality?

There is a fundamental difference between desire and having the hunger to deliver the results that you want.

There will be no clouds lining that extra mile. The extra mile is reserved for those people who are prepared to do whatever it takes to get it over the line.

Are you prepared to do whatever it takes and go that extra mile?

Will you turn your vision into reality?

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Hunger & Desire – 21/07/20

Values are like fingerprints; you leave them all over everything you do.

When you start to focus on your values and the culture within your business, you will find there will be two types of people that make up your team; people who fit and live your culture and people who don’t. There are no grey areas, it is one or the other.

The faster you define the values of your organisation the better;

1- it shapes your business personality and culture.

2- it creates clarity for what the business expectations are that inform the behaviours and what is/isn’t acceptable in your organisation.

Your values inform your culture, be sure to invest time in creating your active values.

Remember to define the behaviours of each one of your values. What do your values look like and feel like?

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Value of Values – 22/07/20

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