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Thursday 9th Jul 2020

Royston Talks; Visible Leadership

To help you navigate these challenging times I’m holding daily Facebook Lives on a variety of relevant topics. If you missed them don’t worry, you can still tune into the latest videos. Don’t forget to join my private Facebook Group - Royston Talks: 2020 Business Reset – where you can access articles, content and templates on 2020 business reset.

Leadership is an action, not a position.

In a world that is full of uncertainty what people are looking for is certainty. They need strong and visible leadership, they need leaders that can get in the trenches and show their people the way.

People are silently begging to be led and particularly in a climate of uncertainty. It does not matter how little or large the team is that you are leading; this is your time to shine. If you can lead your business out and be ready for the rebound you will then the opportunities will be there for you to be a better smarter business.

Businesses do not grow on their own, leaders grow businesses.

We are stronger working together.

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; Visible Leadership – 06/07/20

It is irrelevant if you have ‘leader’ within your job title or not, we are all leaders.

It is easy to lead when the waters are calm, but how do you cope when you face against headwinds and are in pressurised environments.

However turbulent the waters get are you like a swan? Graceful and elegant across the water but underneath the surface you are paddling like crazy?

The way the leader comes into work in the morning is the way the team goes home at night.

How do you react to situations?

We are stronger working together.

WATCH NOW – Facebook Live- Royston Talks; The Swan – 08/07/20

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