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Built to Grow

Bitesize Series



Welcome to the Built to Grow Bitesize Series

From my 2 decades of working with tens of thousands of businesses, of all different shapes and sizes, across a multitude of industries and sectors, I’ve distilled practical insights, ideas, strategies for how you can fast track your growth journey. The Built to Grow Bitesize series includes 35 videos with golden nuggets and insights taken from my Amazon best selling book, Built to Grow.

#1 Fundamentals of Business Growth

#2 Business Growth Transformation Framework

#3 Inspirational Leadership

#4 Building a High Performing Organisation

#5 Business Purpose, Aspirational Goals & Growth Strategy

#6 Market Potential Strategy

#7 Compelling Value Proposition

#8 Customer Strategy

#9 Marketing & Communication Strategy

#10 Business Development and Sales Strategy

#11 People Strategy

#12 Operational Excellence

#13 Finance and Governance

#14 Control the Controllable

#15 Your Journey to Mastery

#16 Success Formula’s – we all have them. What’s yours?

#17 Why time and distance travelled compounds the effects of error

#18 How relevant are you and your business?

#19 How to lose a loyal 10 year customer in 5 minutes!

#20 Why you?

#21 WHY a compelling vision is like infusing work with purpose and meaning

#22 5 steps in creating GAME Changing differentiation through your customer experience – Part 1

#22 5 steps in creating GAME Changing differentiation through your customer experience – Part 2

#23 3 steps to being heroic in your customer experience recovery

#24 Is it time for a spring clean of your customers?

#25 Why Leadership isn’t a popularity contest!

#26 How effective are you at managing the concentration risk in your business?

#27 Are you trying to be a generalist or a specialist?

#28 How effective are you at managing the performance gap?

#29 Why culture is everything!

#30 How to programme your winning mentality!

#31 Are you a visible Leader?

#32 Why transparency is EVERYTHING!

#33 What is truly worthy of your time?

#34 If there’s only 3 things which you measure in your business make sure it’s these 3!

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