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Personal Growth Programme for Businesses

For businesses who are truly focused on growing, developing and retaining their people, RISE is a personal growth programme that really means business.

Two decades of working with organisations and individuals globally has resulted in one of the most innovative and leading edge programmes on the market today, focused on unlocking people potential, peak performance and employee wellbeing.

In the real world there are real business challenges to be met, and you need a tried and tested programme which focuses from start to finish on how personal growth will deliver accelerated and sustainable business growth. No fluffy thinking or soft edges.

Operating from a solid foundation of personal ownership, high personal standards of excellence and a winning mentality, can mean the difference between your people consistently performing at their peak or coasting in cruise control.

Arming your people with the mindset (attitude, determination, will), the skillset (technical or soft skills) and the toolset (tools to do their job) to unlock their potential and deliver excellence within their role will fuel their inner self worth, ignite their self-motivation, build their confidence and resilience, and their happiness will be inevitable.

Whether your need is to develop your key leadership and management teams, accelerate performance across your entire employee population, fast-track new inductees, sharpen the focus of your graduate or apprentice programme, raise the game of underperformers or invest in your employee wellbeing,

RISE is relevant for all your people, helping them consistently hit and maintain peak performance, showing up every day being the best versions of themselves.

Enabled, engaged and productive people is the difference between a good business and a great business!

RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead


The RISE personal growth programme for businesses is designed around the principles, strategies and tools from the best seller RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead.

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