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27 Powerful Life Lessons Our Parents Taught Us

Wednesday 21st Nov 2018 / Royston Guest
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27 Powerful Life Lessons Our Parent Taught Us

I recently asked the following question ‘what’s the one thing your parents taught you which has really shaped who you are today?’. The response I received was overwhelming; full of inspiration, honesty, sincerity and many home truths. You see, its these truths, these powerful life lessons, that lie at the core of our very being. Here are 27 powerful life lessons our parents taught us…

How a mentor can fast track your success

Thursday 8th Nov 2018 / Royston Guest
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How a mentor can fast track your succes

Sometimes we become so locked in our own world, so inwardly focused on thinking we can do it all ourselves and we know best, that we simply miss the opportunity to learn from others. You don’t have to go it alone. Many successful people attribute their success to having a mentor. Following in the footsteps of a mentor, someone who has been there and done it, will make it easier to navigate pitfalls and unleash your potential.

Your winter reading list: 24 books you won’t be able to put down

Thursday 1st Nov 2018 / Royston Guest
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Your winter reading list: 24 books you won’t be able to put down

I am often asked which books I have come across which are worth a read and would recommend. So I thought I would share my recommended reading list broken down by different subject areas; personal development, business growth, sales, leadership, customer experience and skills development.  If nothing else, I’m sure you’ll soon be looking for stocking fillers ideas, the gift of a good book is always a great present!

Why all leaders and business professionals need to keep learning

Wednesday 12th Sep 2018 / Royston Guest
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Why leaders and business professionals need to keep learning

The external market place and business arena is constantly changing, and as we know, the old rule book no longer applies. Changing dynamics in competitors; the digital revolution, new role definitions, new regulatory frameworks supported by new legislation has redefined our ‘ability to learn’ as an essential skill. Read on to find out why all leaders and business professional need to keep learning.

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