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Are you suffering from a performance ability blip?

Wednesday 20th Feb 2019 / Royston Guest
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Are you suffering from a performance ability blip?

A performance ability blip is an important concept for you to be aware of.  You see, when you set goals, milestones or even have a vision of somewhere you want to get to, either personally or professionally, it usually requires learning or doing something new or at least different. If it doesn’t then I’d question whether you’re stretching yourself enough (but that’s a different blog post!). So an ability blip is the downturn in performance you’ll experience while you adopt this new skill, approach or way of thinking. Recognise and look out for it from now on, and be prepared to hold your nerve and work through it. The rewards are worth it on the other side of your performance ability blip.

Why your mortality should motivate you to live

Thursday 7th Feb 2019 / Royston Guest
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Why your mortality should motivate you to live

Following the launch of RISE, the #1 question I get asked the most is ‘Which chapter is my favourite?’. And without a shadow of doubt my reply is always chapter 8, mortality motivation. Now, a chapter on mortality – death – may feel like a conversation stopper not starter, but honestly, it’s the chapter that still stops me in my tracks 18 months after I initially drafted it. Whilst I’m not predicting my death any time soon, I am intensely aware of the value of time. So whilst each chapter in RISE is jam packed full of strategies, tools and ideas for you to start living the life you were meant to lead, chapter 8 – mortality motivation – makes you realise you’ve actually got only one shot at life, and it’s down to you to make it a good one!

7 reasons why goal setting is critical to success

Thursday 31st Jan 2019 / Royston Guest
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Seven reasons why goal setting is critical to success

You might have heard the saying that most people overestimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can do in a lifetime. Goal setting and implementing goals is the bridge between your current reality and your future vision. It is one of the most liberating, empowering feelings when you know your life has purpose and direction and daily you’re taking actions to turn your goals into reality.

Why Success Is usually A Series Of Good Choices

Thursday 17th Jan 2019 / Royston Guest
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Why success is a series of good choices

All choices you make have a consequence. Even choosing to do nothing has an impact. The reality is that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the choices you make every day. And it’s not just the big life decisions that truly shape your destiny. It’s the small incremental choices that really make the difference. The compound effect of those small choices every day will have an exponential impact on the quality of your life.

How to achieve greatness: 7 Growth Accelerators to Kick Start your 2019

Thursday 10th Jan 2019 / Royston Guest
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How to achieve greatness: 7 growth accelerators to kick start 2019

Every person is equal and has the opportunity to achieve greatness. But the biggest block in achieving greatness is often YOU through your limiting beliefs and closed mindset. And the greatest opportunity to make it happen is YOU. It's time to RISE! How to achieve greatness, my 7 growth accelerators to help you kick start 2019.


Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 / Royston Guest
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You and I are busy people. Our lives have many facets, with work, home, family, friends, colleagues, partners and perhaps children as well. And over the years, no doubt, commitments have crept in, almost unnoticed, to the point where, whether you know it or not, there are probably already multiple versions of you. Which begs the question…are you living the life you were meant to lead?

Why success is not an accident: 5 success secrets

Thursday 20th Dec 2018 / Royston Guest
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Why success is not an accident

Success is not a place but a way of thinking, feeling and subsequently acting as you embark on this exciting journey called life with the deliberate, conscious intent of turning a successful future into your reality. Over the past two decades, I have focused my time and energy on understanding what differentiates high achievers from the rest, and in doing so I’ve identified five secrets of their success.

27 Powerful Life Lessons Our Parents Taught Us

Wednesday 21st Nov 2018 / Royston Guest
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27 Powerful Life Lessons Our Parent Taught Us

I recently asked the following question ‘what’s the one thing your parents taught you which has really shaped who you are today?’. The response I received was overwhelming; full of inspiration, honesty, sincerity and many home truths. You see, its these truths, these powerful life lessons, that lie at the core of our very being. Here are 27 powerful life lessons our parents taught us…

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